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Elevating Elegance with Authentic Italian Artisanship Elevating Elegance with Authentic Italian Artisanship

Via Orefici Jewelry is named after the jewelry's districts in Italy.

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Welcome to Via Orefici, Goldsmiths' Street.

Welcome to the world of Via Orefici Jewelry, where artisanal craftsmanship meets luxury Italian design!

Our jewelry line takes its name from the historic goldsmiths and jewelry districts in Italy, renowned for their handmade, unique, and bespoke jewelry. We proudly carry on this rich tradition by utilizing century-old techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans.


Our process begins with meticulously preparing the alloy, expertly combining pure gold with silver and copper to achieve the desired 18-karat gold color that is both strong and durable for everyday wear. Some pieces are crafted through direct forging of the precious metal, while others are created using the lost-wax casting technique from handmade wax sculptures. Each piece is then meticulously finished, cleaned, and polished to perfection. If necessary, our talented stone setter artisans skillfully add gemstones to enhance the beauty of the design.

At Via Orefici Jewelry, we are deeply passionate about creating unique and luxurious pieces that reflect the beauty and elegance of Italian artisanship. Our founder, Antonella Carlevaro, comes from a family business established in 1964, specializing in 18-karat gold handmade collections.

Our goal is to create jewelry that showcases quality, beauty, and character, celebrating the unique style and personality of the women who wear them. We design our pieces to be cherished for years to come and passed down as a testament to their enduring beauty.

We take pride in bringing our clients authentic and hard-to-find Italian artisan jewelry. Join us on this journey and discover the beauty of true artisanship with Via Orefici Jewelry!


Photos: Genova, Itay - Via Orefici street sign. The historic downtown where Via Orefici is located.