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Via Orefici Jewelry is named after the jewelry's districts in Italy.

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Welcome to Via Orefici, Goldsmiths' Street

Via Orefici (Goldsmiths' Street) Jewelry line is named after the historic goldsmiths and jewelry's districts in Italy, sought-after destinations for handmade, unique, and bespoke jewelry.


Via Orefici street sign in Genova, Italy.

The process of making artisanal jewelry begins with the alloy's preparation. Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, and it is alloyed with a percentage of silver and copper to give it strength and durability and create a desired yellow, rose, or white 18-karat gold color. In our collections, some pieces are made by directly forging the precious metal (heating up, hammering, and crafting) into desired shapes. Others use the lost-wax casting technique from artisan handmade wax sculptures. The pieces are then finished, cleaned, polished, and sent to the stone setter artisans if the designs include gemstones.
The artisan's meticulous work is done with passion, applying century-old techniques passed on from generation.

"I have always been passionate about jewelry, and I owned a jewelry boutique in Italy, a family business established in 1964, and specialized in 18-karat gold handmade collections.
Via Orefici Jewelry line is born from a passion for luxury Italian artisanship. Working with skilled artisans in Italy, I create artisan jewelry and aim to bring the authentic Italian goldsmith workshop experience to a discerning audience of jewelry lovers." Antonella Carlevaro, Founder.