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Via Orefici Jewelry and the Italian goldsmiths districts.

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Welcome to Via Orefici !

Via Orefici is the Italian translation of Goldsmiths Street. 

Via Orefici Jewelry line is named after the historic goldsmiths and jewelers' districts in Italy, which are sought-after destinations for handmade, unique, and bespoke jewelry.


Historic downtown Genova (Italy)

Genova is a city located on the Italian Riviera. The historic downtown, dating back to the 12th century, is a maze of tiny streets, historical buildings, squares with old churches and bell towers, overlooking the harbor and bordered by hills. A vibrant, walkable area enjoyed by locals and tourists, where streets are named after the shops historically located there.

Via Orefici (Goldsmiths Street) has been home to goldsmiths, silversmiths, and precious stone vendors, and today, the area is well established and known for its jewelry shops and artisans’ workshops. It is a sought-after destination for handmade, unique, and bespoke jewelry.  Our master goldsmiths handcraft the Via Orefici Jewelry line in their artisans’ workshops there.
The process of making artisanal jewelry starts with the alloy’s preparation. Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, and it is alloyed with a percentage of silver and copper to give it strength and durability and create a desired yellow, rose, or white 18 karat gold color. In our collections, some pieces are made by directly forging the precious metal (heating up, hammering, and crafting) into desired shapes. Others are realized using the lost-wax casting technique from artisan’s handmade wax sculptures (we don’t use 3D printed models). The pieces are then finished, cleaned and polished and eventually sent to another specialized artisan for a proper stone setting. 
All the artisan’s meticulous work is done by hand, with passion for the craft, and often applying century-old techniques passed on from generation. 

I loved visiting my father’s goldsmith workshop in Via Orefici, and I later enjoyed my years working in our jewelry shop specialized in handmade collections, where I learned gold design and craftsmanship, before moving to the United States. 

Via Orefici Jewelry line is born from my passion for luxury Italian artisanship, to bring handcrafted gold collections and an authentic goldsmith workshop experience to jewelry lovers everywhere.