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Via Orefici Jewelry and the Italian goldsmiths districts.

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Welcome to Via Orefici Blog and to the historic goldsmiths and jewelers' districts in Italy.


Genova is a city in northern Italy's Riviera; its historic downtown is one of the biggest in Europe. Overlooking the water and its harbor, and bordered by hills, a maze of tiny streets called "caruggi," squares, churches, buildings, some dating back 2000 years. One of the old downtown streets is Via Orefici (Goldsmiths Street). In the past, goldsmiths, silversmiths, and precious stone vendors put here their roots and created the goldsmith district, with stores and workshops that are now the destination of elegant clients looking for handmade and bespoke jewelry.

Today, the area is beautiful, vibrant, diverse, rich in arts and culture. Locals and tourists stroll around shopping in the stores called "botteghe" and eating at restaurants and bars, enjoying the area's historical feeling. As a child, I loved visiting my father in his goldsmith workshop in Via Orefici. It was located in a historic building's sunny upper floor, with big windows overlooking roofs and bell's towers, the sea and the busy commercial port.

I loved seeing how the jewelry was made, the process of melting gold bars with silver and copper to create an alloy, the working bench and its utensils, hammers, pliers, and saws ready for the goldsmiths' meticulous handcrafted work, and the gemstones of all colors. Years later, the workshop became a boutique specialized in handmade collections, still located in the Via Orefici area, and it has been an important part of my life. 

When I created my jewelry line, handcrafted by master goldsmiths in Italy, it came to me naturally remembering the Italian historic jeweler's districts and name it Via Orefici -Goldsmith Street- Jewelry.