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"Via Orefici"

"Via Orefici"

Via Orefici collections reflect a passion for beauty, style, and elegance, combined with a creative edge and an understanding of the metal's aesthetics; timeless designs enhance the intrinsic quality of the material and the craftsmanship. Handmade in Italy in 18-karat gold.
Oro B4


Colore  R3


The "Colore" collection focuses on natural gemstone color and creative designs in polished and opaque gold. Customizable with the gemstones of your choice.

Contrasto R5


Geometric-inspired designs and contrasts in luminosity, texture, and finishes define the "Contrasto" collection; setting gemstones or brilliant-cut diamonds will add preciousness.
Paraggi Earrings - Colore Collection


Mare E5


Inspired by the sea and its creatures, organic designs and exquisite craftsmanship create the "Mare" everyday luxury. We like to customize the "Mare" with sea-inspired blue lapis lazuli, sapphires, pearls, and diamonds.

Pisa Earrings - Natura Collection


Timeless, chic, and classic designs are reinterpreted with creativity and detailed craftsmanship. Diamonds' pave,' and natural gemstones will make the "Natura" pieces unique.
Roma Necklace - Colore Collection


Occasioni P6


Celebrate your special occasion with a gift from the "Occasioni" collection. Engrave the date and name, and add the gem of your choice.

Oro B4


Nature’s most precious metal, Gold, and its beauty and malleability are the focus of the elegant "Oro" collection designs.

Colore P5


Portofino R6


The "Portofino" is inspired by the Italian Riviera's rose gardens and the Portofino seaside town. The design is from a ring created by hand many years ago and then modified in opaque and polished gold. It is customizable with a natural gemstone at the center of the rose and petite diamonds on the rose's petals.

Colore  R3


Via Orefici Bespoke

Via Orefici Bespoke

Customize our collection to create your unique piece per your specification and design.
Via Orefici Jewelry Gift Card

Via Orefici Gift Card

Via Orefici Jewelry Gift Card (eGift Card). Available in $250, $500; arrives by email.

Paraggi Earrings - Colore Collection

Via Orefici Jewelry featured

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